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Damon and Elena
 photo tvd0999_zpse45e6d50.png  photo elena-and-damon-hug-5x12_zps0c20b1da.png  photo klsc_zps7ac04ef6.png  photo yellow_zps5f7415b4.png  photo de_zps6c66947e.png  photo sg_zps5287fc94.png  photo sfasf_zps4da3d56a.png  photo nka_zps169364f2.png  photo kndn_zps4366f4bf.png  photo bjb_zps8cd06fd9.png  photo klsc_zps7ac04ef6.png  photo h_zps59fc2cb2.png  photo ugk_zps2606c23d.png  photo guig_zpsb705d2d0.png  photo wfq_zpsd21576be.png  photo joo_zps3f57e646.png  photo nb_zps967c2f54.png  photo cs_zpsdf82291d.png  photo ye1_zps7bbcfae9.png  photo lh_zps43a65c42.png  photo hkj_zps87232515.png  photo xa_zps0a098683.png  photo sca_zps761d7c2e.png  photo jj_zps8d8025c3.png  photo da_zps07f76d80.png  photo dsa_zps31011b4f.png  photo wdq_zps03eeb40e.png  photo elena_zps711411af.png  photo lfnla_zps218914c8.png  photo tvd0317_zps65bc6b25.png  photo hih_zps8b2a5bef.png  photo Untitled-4_zps0b6379cd.png  photo complex_zps97b86d09.png

Shailene & some randoms

 photo hdw_zpsfeac0673.png  photo lbf_zps68cb9c19.png  photo ndwk_zpsf3abb866.png  photo wdw_zpsa7a62b56.png  photo jbj_zpsc5be1695.png  photo knlf_zpsc5046e94.png  photo jbb_zps2ddbfed8.png  photo vk_zps9c5e58a2.png  photo ug_zps33ef402b.png  photo nk_zpsbcd2757e.png  photo hp_zpsa720101e.png  photo lb_zpseabbfcbf.png  photo hpi_zpsca0c03e3.png  photo ef_zps8e58c022.png

 photo Tangled2010DVDRipXviD_zpsea8a5cbe.png  photo 2-02-The-Goodbye-Look-ezra-fitz-35490827-100-100_zpsecdafa22.png  photo ksc_zpsbb2a197e.png  photo hvh_zpsc8010027.png  photo knfk_zps78fbc86a.png  photo nkk_zps3df282c8.png

 photo bj_zps04201e7c.png  photo ihfs_zps317dc1aa.png  photo Untitled-3_zps5084397a.png  photo bjcl_zps7964923c.png
Tags: icons: damon/elena, icons: delena, icons: tvd, icons:arrow, icons:emma watson

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